Husband and wife in ‘throuple’ with his best mate explain how they deal with jealousy

A couple who met in college are now living together as part of a three person “throuple” who say they are all in love.

Marketing executive Claire Thornhill, 36, and actor Justin Rupple, 38, from Seattle, US, met in college and became best friends.

Justin met real estate associate Katy Rupple, 39, in 2006 at one of his comedy shows and they started dating.

When Katy and Justin got married in 2013 they talked about what they wanted from their relationship.

Ms Rupple said she wanted to explore her bisexual side, and mentioned Justin’s friend Claire, who she had seen on his social media account and found attractive.

After seven years of discussing the topic, they finally reached out to Ms Thornhill.

Ms Thornhill said: “At first, it was a surprise as I had never been approached like this before.

“Despite this, the surprise was welcomed as I had always had feelings for both men and women.”

The trio say being in a polyamorous relationship is about teamwork and communication, sharing goals, personality traits and hobbies.

Friends and family have been supportive but they do get the occasional troll online or cat call in the street.

Ms Thornhill said: “As humans, we’re capable of loving multiple people completely without diminishing the love we have for any one individual and we’re extremely lucky to have found each other.

“We are proud of our partnership and want others to know that you don’t have to feel shame for simply loving people.”

While they sometimes have feelings of jealousy they say they trust each other completely and talk about their feelings as a group.

Ms Thornhill said: “Jealousy is a human emotion and we’d be lying if we said that doesn’t come up. As and when it does, we share it immediately and talk about it as a group, where we never deny any emotion.”

They are currently living together and say they are excited about their future.

She added: “If you feel shame about who you are or who you love, just know that there are people out there just like you and you’re not alone.”